Who We are:

We are a woman owned management consulting firm dedicated to improving business performance.  At our core, our team of certified Lean Six Sigma black belts are focused on business process optimization and training in the service/transactional environment.  Our proprietary framework overlaid on best practice process optimization tools and techniques has revolutionized the traditional process improvement delivery approach.  We are Chicago-based and our principals have assisted clients nationwide.


The Importance of Process:

Business processes are a portfolio of valuable corporate assets that provide a sustainable differential advantage.  Like all valuable assets, an organization’s business processes

must be continually managed and improved.


Typical Organization

Process Driven Organization

·   Spends 15-25% of sales $$ on cost of failure

·   Spends 5% of sales $$ on cost of failure

·   Relies on inspection to find defects

·   Has capable processes that don’t produce defects

·   Believes high quality is expensive

·   Gets high quality producer is the low cost producer

·   No disciplined approach to problem solving

·   Analyzes and defines lowest cause and effect

·   Believes 99% is good enough

·   Believes 99% isn’t good enough

·   May not define Critical to Quality

·   Defines and measures Critical to Quality


   The AMO Way:

At AMO we understand that auditable, rapid and sustainable process improvement can only be achieved by engaging and motivating people.  Accordingly, our proprietary framework provides managers and employee teams with a laser-like ability to marry the concepts of Collective Innovation and Process Performance Management – we call it CIPPM™.


    (1)AMO Collective Innovation - Bringing change management and collective genius                           to solution development.


         >>  Innovative and dynamic lean workshops that draw the best ideas from an

                organization's people.


         >>  Quick drill down through clusters of business problem symptoms to reveal

                root causes.


         >>  Structure and discipline that respects the cost and value of participant's time.



    (2)AMO Process Performance Management - Uniting ideas, technology and

                people step-by-step along the complete management planning and

                control cycle, including:


         >>  How to get 'from here to there' reflecting the practical realities of the



         >>  Definition of and requirements for supporting technology.


         >>  Skills, training and role identification and organization recommendations                                   for initial and sustaining efforts.


         >>  Resource alignment with assignments and measurable accountability

                for results.



Why AMO Group:

Through the leadership of a certified Six Sigma Black Belt/Lean Change Agent and highly focused project teams, AMO’s CIPPM™ framework is powerful.  Our 2-1/2 day concentrated, lean workshops enable teams to make data-driven decisions aligned with customer requirements.  During the workshop, we develop actionable recommendations so that implementation begins immediately providing your organization consistent, high- performance processes and products.                


  ·   Results


·  Our platform has delivered proven results time and again


  ·   Speed


·  We deliver measurable results in weeks, not months


  ·   Value

·  Our lean organization and flexible teams deliver world-class skills far more cost-effectively than national consulting firms


  ·   Flexibility

·  AMO group highly tailors CIPPM™ to an organizations’ objectives, requirements and capabilities