Who We are:

AMO Group is a one-person consulting practice dedicated to improving business performance in the service/transactional environment. AMO’s principal consultant is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and leads client-organizations to higher levels of profitability by identifying, prioritizing and optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes.


The Importance of Process:

Business processes are a portfolio of valuable corporate assets that provide a sustainable differential advantage.  Like all valuable assets, an organization’s business processes

must be continually managed and improved.


Typical Organization

Process Driven Organization

·   Spends 15-25% of sales $$ on cost of failure

·   Spends 5% of sales $$ on cost of failure

·   Relies on inspection to find defects

·   Has capable processes that don’t produce defects

·   Believes high quality is expensive

·   Gets high quality producer is the low cost producer

·   No disciplined approach to problem solving

·   Analyzes and defines lowest cause and effect

·   Believes 99% is good enough

·   Believes 99% isn’t good enough

·   May not define Critical to Quality

·   Defines and measures Critical to Quality


   The AMO Way:

At AMO we understand that auditable, rapid and sustainable process improvement can only be achieved by engaging and motivating people.  Accordingly, our proprietary framework provides managers and employee teams with a laser-like ability to marry the concepts of Collective Innovation and Process Performance Management – we call it CIPPM™.


    (1)AMO Collective Innovation - Bringing change management and collective genius                           to solution development.


         >>  Innovative and dynamic lean workshops that draw the best ideas from an

                organization's people.


         >>  Quick drill down through clusters of business problem symptoms to reveal

                root causes.


         >>  Structure and discipline that respects the cost and value of participant's time.



    (2)AMO Process Performance Management - Uniting ideas, technology and

                people step-by-step along the complete management planning and

                control cycle, including:


         >>  How to get 'from here to there' reflecting the practical realities of the



         >>  Definition of and requirements for supporting technology.


         >>  Skills, training and role identification and organization recommendations                                   for initial and sustaining efforts.


         >>  Resource alignment with assignments and measurable accountability

                for results.



Why AMO Group:

Through the leadership of a certified Six Sigma Black Belt/Lean Change Agent and highly focused client project teams, AMO’s CIPPM™ framework is powerful.  Our 2-1/2 day concentrated, lean workshops enable teams to make data-driven decisions aligned with customer requirements.  During the workshop, we develop actionable recommendations so that implementation begins immediately providing your organization consistent, high- performance processes and products.                


  ·   Results


·  Our platform has delivered proven results time and again


  ·   Speed


·  We deliver measurable results in weeks, not months


  ·   Value

·  Our lean organization and flexible teams deliver world-class skills far more cost-effectively than national consulting firms


  ·   Flexibility

·  AMO group highly tailors CIPPM™ to an organizations’ objectives, requirements and capabilities