My successes with [Project] were achieved because of Mitzi Babich and she needs to be recognized for her exceptional abilities to conceive, lead and facilitate strategic initiatives that helped us generate both bottom-line and qualitative results...The program and approaches we applied … helped us exceed our objectives on three separate initiatives. I have work with people who ‘get it’ when it comes to a ‘six sigma’ program and Mitzi is definitely one of those few individuals. … Areas that have historically been most challenging or resistant were able to be addressed and improved upon. An example was conceiving and implementing performance measurements and benchmarks to help us build transparency and allow us to accurately analyze our business.”


Financial Project

Senior Director




"Below is a summary of my conversation with [Executive]:

*  Mitzi Babich did an amazing job.
*  I (and everyone else) was blown away.
*  [Executive] was impressed by the amount of work that got done in the two days. She was also

    impressed with the level of understanding of their process you were able to gain in such a short

    amount of time.

*  Everyone felt the time was used wisely.

*  [Executive]'s opinion was there will be much more work coming our way from the other directors as

    a result of this session.

*  I don't recall the exact words [Executive] used but it was something to the effect of you being a

    natural/pro regarding facilitation."


Technology Project

Senior Technology Director



“[Client} was very pleased with the results to date and commented that Mitzi's work in terms of level of detail, organization, and action oriented  recommendations, etc. was far superior to some similar work that {National Consultant} had been engaged to perform a few years ago!”


Sales Optimization Project

Senior HR Executive




“I want to thank you [Mitzi Babich] for the great effort you provided to the team over the past few months. The investment that we made into the process improvement project has already begun paying itself back and yesterday was the culmination of the effort. I am delighted with the outcome! Over the past few months, I have relied upon your dedication, professionalism and council. Quite frankly, our weekly lunches have been the genesis for several ideas and strategy shifts that will greatly assist our organization in its goal to be the best Outsourced strategy group in the US.”


Account Management Process Design

CEO, Outsource Strategy Firm




I attended a 2-1/2 day workshop conducted by Mitzi Babich that reviewed and analyzed a new product and software release process.  The participants included people from nine areas and no one had ever seen the company's product concept through delivery process.  Mitzi Babich facilitated participants through a high level Value Sream Mapping exercise, coached the group on lean concepts and tools, identification of pain points/opportunities, root causes of symptoms and the group came to consensus on potential solutions, focusing on the 'quick wins'.  The group was encouraged to subsequently validate and test the remaining root causes and potential solutions.  A well-organized action plan was prepared post workshop that gave the organization a clear direction to proceed!  Mitzi is a great facilitator and engaged all the participants in the activities.


Product Development and Implementation Process

Senior Advisor Process Engineer 




“…you added a lot of value on the projects we worked on together, and I always learned from you.”


Marketing Communications Project

Senior Marketing Executive




“AMO is an easy choice for any company wanting to better understand and improve core processes. We used [AMO proprietary platform components] to improve our customer engagement processes. On their recommendation, reporting and measurement were included as a critical part of our proposal, engagement and billing cycle. Just two months after implementing the process with existing customers, we have rolled the processes out to new customers.  We feel our recent sales success with new customers is due to the depth of our reporting capability”.


Sales Strategy Initiative

CEO, Marketing consulting firm




“...with your unique point of view and your input I thought we were a stronger team with someone from outside the glass business to provide perspctive."


Production Process

Senior Production Manager, Supplier