Core Services:

  • 2-1/2 day highly structured ‘lean’ workshop to engage employees, create a shared experience, determine a common language, leverage organizational expertise, and collectively create a streamlined future state process.
  • Root cause analysis and solutioning.
  • A decision-making discipline to make high performance the norm.
  • Issue identification and removal. Action plan specification.
  • 30-60-90-day easy to understand road map to improvement.
  • Assignment of action plan step by step accountability.
  • Skills, training and role identification.



Where We Fit In (√)

Corporate Strategy


Step 1:  Strategy Planning:  Leadership identifies transformations & sets



Step 2:  Strategic Management:  Leadership plans & prioritizes

             improvements in order to meet goals


Step 3:  Business Performance Execution:  Swift, sustainable implemented

             improvements to meet goals


Step 4:  Plan-Do-Check-Act:  Scorecard creation – Actuals Vs Target

             identified and monitored


Process Optimization Initiatives and/or New Process Design:


--Targeted intervention. Streamlined processes to meet customer



New IT Installation:


--High level requirements linked to streamlined future state


New IT Installation:


--Where are the gaps?  Is it integrated with the future state


What Makes AMO Different?

  • Innovative workshops based on leading practice lean concepts and tools.
  • 2-1/2 day concentrated workshops deliver actionable recommendations so that implementation begins immediately.
  • The AMO approach is highly tailored to an organization’s objectives and real-life, capabilities.
  • CIPPM™ instills accountability and sets in motion a high productive culture that     serves customers better, positively impacting the bottom line beyond cost savings.
  • Motivated employees learn to make data-driven decisions.
  • Actions may be tied to compensation to achieve long term benefits.
  • A tight coordination with IT projects to specify or rectify requirements, thereby  ensuring major software investment supports and executes optimized processes.